Congratulations to the first

Shamrock Charities Scholarship Winner!

The Shamrock Charities Scholarship Program encourages outstanding and spirited young people with diverse socio-economic backgrounds to make a positive impact on their communities and it honors them through its annual Scholarship Fund.

The Charity’s scholarship awards $2,500 in order to further the educational needs of the winner. We look for individuals who have given back to their communities through volunteering with a special emphasis on children or children’s charities. Applicants submit an application and an essay, and are interviewed to explain how their volunteer activities have benefited, and will continue to benefit, the lives of children.  

Shamrock Charities has long been involved with the sport of soccer as players, coaches, parents, and fans. Additional consideration is given to applicants who are, or have been, involved with soccer.

Hello my name is Luke Tolton and I am very grateful for receiving the 2018 Shamrock Charities Scholarship. I attended Kennedy Catholic High School all four years and I am excited to start my college experience at university of Gonzaga in the fall of 2018. During high school I did many community service opportunities such as altar serving, helping at homeless shelters, and making food for my local church. My junior year of high school I volunteered at Highlands elementary school to watch over children as their parents learn English as a second language. I soon realized helping these kids with homework and learning skills changed the kids’ lives. At home these kids had to learn on their own because their parents couldn’t help them whether they were at work or they didn’t understand the English language. This experience has changed my life and thank you to the Shamrock Foundation for helping me attend University of Gonzaga.